To provide professional design solutions for gifts which infuse the sense of joy, enthusiasm and surprise, while distinctly unique and worthy of sharing.

ZAN’S gifts communicate:
JOY from those who receive them.
ENTHUSIASM of the designer, the giver and the recipient of each gift
SURPRISE in the novelty of each design
UNIQUENESS in the message embedded in each gift
SHARING of hearts and minds

The design concept behind ZAN’S defines a perfect meaning for gifts. A gift should be unique, useful and embody intrinsic value for the recipient. Each ZAN’S product comes in a range of bright colors and distinguishing features which make them attractive and very practical for everyday household use, enriching life with delight, pleasure and leisure. Their various useful functions and designs project images which are colorful, cheerful, charming and thoughtful. That’s why each product makes a great gift! And that’s why ZAN’S products live up to the brand slogan: “ZAN’S philosophy, Life’s curiosity”

Over two decades of product development and market penetration have served to refine the essence of “the perfect gift” in every ZAN’S product – meaningful, passionate, joyful, enthusiastic, surprising, unique and sharing of life!

ZAN’S — the perfect gift for you!