Design & Develop

With our design talents, we aim to design and develop Hong Kong original branded gifts and premium which align with our mission to help our clients turn valuable concepts into reality.

Collection Concept


Hand-in-Hand CollectionA symbolic concept of universality and community. The colorful and connecting pieces can be interchanged like a puzzle—hand-to-hand or bottom-on-top or up-side-down— however you choose. It evokes a meaningful connotation of harmony by joining hands together to breakthrough cultures, colors and personalities.

Papas Say Yes

Papas Say Yes CollectionThe collection plays on the image of mustachios which can generically refer to a father. Visual modifications of the shape of mustachios portray a happy and spry Papa who is always amiable and agreeable.

Mouse & Cheese

Mouse & Cheese CollectionInspired by the famous book “Who Moved My Cheese?”, the whole collection features a cutie white mouse which darts swiftly from cheese to cheese. The collection consists of stationary, kitchenware, and more… This cutie white mouse infuses positive energy everyday.

Mee Mee & Moo Moo Collection

Mee Mee & Moo Moo CollectionMee Mee and Moo Moo lived in the Star “Lawn” with their parents. The Star “Lawn” is a lovely place which is full of lawn. Mee Mee and Moo Moo lived happily everyday and they loved traveling. One time, Mee Mee and Moo Moo visited the Earth and made friends with us. They loved the Earth, especially the food, and therefore, they always lend their hands to cooking…

Kati Collection

Kati Collection“Daylight~ I must wait for the sunrise~ I must think of a new life~ meow~” This is a cat who loves singing songs and dressing up. She is an elegant lady who takes care of your personal belonging. All cat lovers “MUST-HAVE” them!

Magic Cup Cap Collection

Magic Cup CapsCup caps made of Silicon is one of ZAN’S original concept and vivid application as silicon cup lid has unique advantages of being silent, soft and authentically air-tight to keep aliens out! As a gimmick cup lid, they add a touch of fun to life.

Almigh’tea Bag

Tea BagsIt’s 3:15pm, it’s tea time! Enjoy a cup of tea anywhere with our Almigh’tea Bag Collection. Our patented tea bags and teaspoons are colorful, reusable and easy to use, making each“cuppa”perfectly individual. There’s a profound meaning behind these eco-friendly and highly durable teabags too …… Life is like a teabag, the fragrance it emits is a reflection of the quality from within. What cup of tea? It’s up to you!

Kitchen Fun

Kitchen Fun SeriesLet’s have fun cooking! Enhance your cooking experience with your loved ones with our generically functional, made colorful and funny-shaped kitchenware.

Daily Living Art

Daily Living Art CollectionLife is an Art! You are the artist of your life, and you are free to create experiences everyday. So just forget about the busy metropolitan life; go create and live your life in a way that honors yourself. With ZAN’S Daily Living Art, you can enjoy every moment of life and express yourself by having a touch of fun and surprise from your personal belongings and home decor.

SurreaLife Collection

SurreaLife Collection

Surrealism sets imagination free, whereas Zan’s SurreaLife paints everyday objects into magical creations. The assorted perspectives, images snapped into our eyes are not vivid reflections of the whole object. ZAN’S SurreaLife leads you to a paradoxical experience of getting things from what you see. The questions: Does what you get equal what you see? Is what you see same as what you get? You gonna work it you yourself with ZAN’S SurreaLife collection… dining-ware and home décor which will certainly arouse conversation with visitors.

Minimal Collection

Mini-mal stationery

A stationary collection with cute animal shapes to personalize your desk. Having the full set of the zoo on your desk will bring you a smile everyday. Extremely suitable for Animal lovers!

Ice Tray Collection

Ice Trays

Ice is the most common but often overlooked sparkle in a drink, be it shaken or on the rocks. A good host will always select the appropriate shape for each drink. The ZAN’S Ice Tray makes fun of ice for every occasion. Made of fine grade silicone, its softness and elasticity produces finely cast ice cubes. And because the trays are resistant to extreme temperatures from -50˚C to 230˚C, most are suitable for making cookies and chocolates too. Each cube stands out with a lovely story!

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