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MOFY on air

Mofy On Strawberry FarmMofy, originally created by Sony Creative Products Inc., is one of the characters born from the imagination of Aki Kondo, an author best known as the creator of the venerable Rilakkuma character. The sweet bunny this spring has become the protagonist of a TV series, which is having a great success in Japan (so that new episodes are already in the works). Made in stop-motion, the anime sees the collaboration not only of the Japanese Sony Creative, but also of the Italian Rai Fiction (which will broadcast the series in the next months) and animation studio Misseri, in Florence.To give an unique feeling of softness and tenderness of the characters, all characters and everything in the movie are made of cotton balls, appropriately colored and processed. In fact, Mofy lives in a world made of cotton and the choice to use this material to make the animations is without a doubt appropriate and original, and it almost gives the feeling of being able to touch the characters!The Florentine studio is specialized in the creation of animations using “alternative” materials, like sand, paper and water (yes, you read that right!), and it’s already well known in Japan for its work with NHK (in addition to winning a lot of international awards for their work).

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About Mofy


Mofy is a shy and tender female rabbit who lives in a warm and puffy cotton ball.In her daily experiences, Mofy runs into different moods such as, loneliness, jealousy, joys, and empathy. Dealing with them and understanding them is the premise for a personal growth and a positive attitude toward others. From being insecure and fragile, Mofy learns to manage her feelings, acquiring courage and confidence day by day.


Mofy’s episodes are inspired by Aki Kondo’s best-seller books, in which the themes of journey, the discovery of nature and the feelings there reflected, are the leitmotiv of each story. There is a message to learn in every episode.


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